App Store Optimization

Why App Store Optimization is important

Way 2 digital is the process of improving an app’s rank and attractiveness in the app stores to boost organic traffic.

It’s a continuous process that must be done throughout the entire lifetime of mobile apps. The mobile market is constantly shifting and your app growth strategy has to shift along with it.

Our Way 2 digital team has the expertise, tools, and data needed to boost not only your app store rank but also your overall app growth. Get in touch today.

Saturated Market
Mobile users can choose from more than 5 million apps on the App Store and Google Play combined.
App Store Search
65% of new apps are found directly through app store search.
High-intent Audience
App store visitors intend to install an app when they search. Make sure they find yours.
Organic Traffic
Organic traffic brings a continuous flow of new user and boosts retention rate, both necessary for growth.

Our Tailored Approach to Way 2 digital

We combine our AI-powered Way 2 digital tool with 5 years of in-house app marketing experience and run it all through our extensive database to provide you with the best growth results.

We work on a 1-on-1 basis to determine specific needs, challenges and deliver actionable solutions.

We prioritize transparent communication and the building of strong client relationships to ensure that we are always moving forward towards our clients’ goals.

Analysis of your app’s current app store visibility.
Working with you to create a tailored Way 2 digital strategy
Implementing the new Way 2 digital Strategy
Analysis of results to identify further actions

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